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Strategy for change

So, if it is true that the only people who like change are cashiers, how do we deal with change whether we have chosen it or it has been thrust upon us?

I think it might be wise to create a personal strategy to deal with change.  Most of the time, I look at life changes as a puzzle and I need to put together the pieces.  Of course, there are moments when my neat puzzle feels like it has been thrown off the table and I have to start all over again. 

If putting together a puzzle does not appeal to you, what other ways might help you look at change? Maybe you need to look at the big picture, maybe change works best if you know what others are feeling and how you will be supported.  Certainly, it will be best if you make an effort to love yourself and seek others’ love while you are going through change.

One thing is for sure.  Change is inevitable…and rather than fight it, enjoy the flow of it and navigate the unchartered water in the best way possible. 

And, while we are it, let’s do it while smiling all the way!

Life is Amazing! Live Well.




One comment on “Strategy for change

  1. I love your insights on Change, perfectly juxtaposed with your earlier blog entry on Relaxing Memories. Yes, a strategy to approach change is essential. We can embrace it or resist it, but change is inevitable.

    I always return to my over-arching goal: the moment-to-moment experience of joy. All else is subsumed to that. To be joyful, I need to consciously choose my thoughts (a strong mediation practice is essential) and practice extreme self-care (good sleep, food, and exercise). I also need those things that anchor me when the storm of change hits (a comfortable home, beloved family & friends). With these essentials grounding me, any change that comes up can be integrated into my life.

    So many are fooled into thinking we can control things, but that’s all really an illusion. We can simply make the choices in response to change that best meet our life vision and trust that when we act according to the dictates of our heart, something good will work out.

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