What kind of diva shall you be?

After looking at several online dictionaries, most do not define diva in a positive way.  That was a surprise to me! Recently, I have been sending out cards that define diva like this: “A confident, beautiful, extraordinary woman; rules her domain with style; a girl with moxie who knows what she wants.”  With such a definition, I have been thinking we should all wake up and become divas–what if we were to become confident in our body and soul? What would it take to make us into radiant and sparkling divas who have their own sense of style and feel comfortable dancing in our skin?

As you start a new week in this hot summer month, wear a little sparkle or put on some hot pink (or red) shoes and walk boldly with the knowledge that you can be a confident, extraordinary and beautiful woman–even if you are just headed for another day at the office.  And don’t forget to wear a smile so that you will start the week absolutely and positively dressed.   Feel like a diva? What is it like for you? I would love to hear!

Life is Amazing! Live Well.

Anna Grassini

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