Social media for business…the old and the young

Thanks to Jill (see her cool blog at )or pointing out in a comment to my previous thoughts that the stuff of web 2.0 can be great for business. I completely agree with her! There are new opportunities for people to use Facebook, Twitter and the like to provide useful information–and, no, what you had for lunch does not really qualify…but maybe a cool new lunch place would! Yet, I still see people, especially older ones, that resist the technology change.
I wonder, moreover, if the arrival of “wiser” folks on Facebook will make the younger ones migrate to other “hiding places”! The recent story of the person who twittered about her new job offer at Cisco (as published recently in a NYT story) and presumably lost it before she even started is currently making the rounds on the internet….and is a reminder that the young users could teach the old folks how to use twitter, and the older folks could use the young ones what are appropriate limits !!!! As usual, everyone has something to offer–if we just remember that we all have our strengths!

Life is Amazing! LIve Well.

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