Twitter and Your Business Image at Midlife

So the March numbers for Facebook and Twitter are in–they are experiencing record growth! What is this phenomenon about? Will you join the bandwagon? What will you do with it? If you are participating in the fray, what is it doing for you?
I don’t think ignoring technology is a wise move–it only makes you obsolete and old. A former UT professor of communication said to me that we should be careful not to join just because we want to be younger–I agree. The reason to join is not to become who we are not, but to participate in an interesting cross-generational dialogue. We stay young by learning. Facebook and Twitter are good places to learn about others and maybe about ourselves.
There are plenty of articles out there to guide us through the process. But the most important question to ask is: what will bring to the table? How will you show up?
Life is Amazing! Live Well.
Anna Grassini
Here is a good article for starting on Twitter…
http:/Marketing With Twitter

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