An archeologist in the closet

Even when I was a child my mother asked me to clean out my room, which really meant to put things back where they belonged. Reluctantly I complied…though I am sure I never quite met the standards of order that would have been required. Decency maybe was more the level of what I could achieve.
So now I find myself having to clean the whole house in preparation of a move. My mother’s voice is not commanding me to do it…my adult self is saying “do it.” So I tackled my closet…for what seems the second or third time! I never thought of myself as a “hoarder” but maybe I have to rethink that one. What was I thinking when I saved the shoulder pads from my 1980s clothes? Really! So tonight I went through the closet one more time and I tried to keep the mood light by wondering what an archaeologist would think if she were uncovering the treasures that I am finally parting with! Order still eludes me, but there is evidence of progress towards some decency…I am encouraged and delighted by the feeling of freedom that sharing usable stuff and recycling unusable things is causing. What a feeling! If you have stories to share about your organizing experiences I would love to hear from you!
Life is Amazing! Live well.

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