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The joy of having younger friends

It is becoming my experience that nothing keeps me younger and more close to the world than to befriend young people. Today I spent some time with a remarkable young woman who will soon be graduating from my alma mater, Wellesley College. Spending time with such a lovely person provided me with a great connection to today’s world and reinforced for me how useful experience is. Sometimes sharing my wisdom also opens me up to the miracle of the journey I have undertaken through the years. What a beautiful story each one can weave through our lives…whether it is a story of resilience, courage, struggle, persistence, each one of us is our story!
So, if you are challenged and feeling lonely, think about your story and go out there in the world to find a young person–don’t just tell your story, but show your interest, ask questions, support them…and be open to receive joy in return!
Life is Amazing! Live Well.
Anna Grassini

One comment on “The joy of having younger friends

  1. I agree with you! I am 9 years older than the majority of my friends. We just went to dinner last night and well – they have more energy than I do. But their energy can move me along. Their joyful attitudes and excitement generate momentum. They use their inner power to dress in the latest styles, which in turn stimulates my own”diva.”
    I am not married and I have no children – but I enjoy my nieces and my friends talk about their students at school. It is great to share kid stories. It’s also amusing to listen to my friends talk about their April Fool’s Day jokes on one another. They are so sweet to accept me as I am and include me – we strengthen each other in different ways. They look for my input on worthwhile parts of life – someone called me a moral compass. I reject the title but maybe that is how they see me.

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