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The power of women

This week I was reminded of the power of women–collectively and as individuals. I had the opportunity to attend the Texas Women’s Conference, where 5000 Texan women gathered to hear many speakers. For me, the highlight of the conference was a speech by Ms. Isabel Allende. She reminded us to pursue joy and pleasure in life–yes pleasure! She talked about “mamisma”, femininity defined by mature and maternal qualities. Mamisma is an energy available to all women, not just mothers. It is the essence of powerful women–who do not have to act like men to succeed. I wish I could have bottled the energy of the 5000 women–I sat next to a friend, feeling empowered, hopeful, optimistic. And, most of all, joyful. What if we could conquer our fears not by taking a warrior stance but by embracing our femininity? The collective power of women in the room was palpable….I hope each one of us took a little bit of it away with us! Ms. Allende recalled the stories of one woman in Mexico and one in the US who dared to make a difference. These two women were mothers, not powerful media personalities. But they chose to help others…each one of us can make a difference. How easy it is to be enveloped by fear and to forget. Courage is to remember that we can make a mark even when we fear.
May we all go out in the world and emobody the graceful energy of mamisma…
Life is Amazing! Live Well.
Anna Grassini


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  1. Mamisma! I love it! As a 30-something woman, the concept of mamisma gives me something splendid and powerful to grow into, to allow to unfold within me. Thank you for sharing this term.

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