Change–it is not in our control!

Think about change–envision it as waves that come to shore. Think of yourself standing on the shore. Some of the waves are big, some of them are barely ripples on the water. They coming onto the shore relentlessly, continuously…. It is a fact–we cannot control the waves. Sometimes, if we are lucky, we can move away from them…but if we are at the shore, they will keep coming! And so with change. Sometimes it is small and incremental, like a small ripple, sometimes it is big and impactful, like the waves that precede the tsunami. Even for those who are fearless, change can be tremendous and harder than ever imagined.
Success in life is not about controlling change–we cannot be unscathed when we are battered by a particularly big wave. But we can heal. Success is about accepting that change is part of life and that we can find grace in it. We can embrace it, learn from it–and we can give ourselves the space and time we need to heal, to grow strong after we are battered, to improve and change so that the next wave will find us stronger! Take charge of your life—not by eliminating change, but by knowing that there is a gift in it. It is yours for the taking.
Life is Amazing! Live Well.
Anna Grassini

2 comments on “Change–it is not in our control!

  1. Inspirational piece. I was thinking–albeit, we may not control change, we indeed dictate how it changes us.

  2. Very well put indeed! Thanks for your thoughts.

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