Patience–develop it and hold on to it!

Recently I read in a magazine that “Patience is like a muscle. If you don’t use it , it wastes away.” That assumes that we have patience at the start, but do we really?
This past year I have had to develop the patience muscle–and I have found it to be so small!! I have relished the challenge of growing in patience (a process that will continue through my life until maybe one day someone will say “Anna is patient!”). How empowering to achieve patience slowly and at a pace that is more akin to that of a turtle than that of the hare! My wonderful coach once said that my prayer for patience was easy: “God give me patience…now!” How true. But over a year of being in a new city, connecting to new friends and clients, I have realized that there is something richly rewarding about slowing down and learning to accept that things sometimes take time and that only with time will our efforts pay off. The first and hardest step is to be patient with oneself. I am not a master yet but I am certainly starting to appreciate the advantages of it. What are you doing to grow your own talent for patience?
Life is amazing! Live Well.
Anna Grassini
Houston Transitions Coach
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