Defying rules by wearing Yoga Pants

Today a group of teenagers have landed in the Houston news for defying their school administration.  What did these brave young women do to get in hot water? They wore yoga pants to school.  Yep, you read it right.  They wore yoga pants to school! Yesterday,  I watched the drama unfold in first person as my writing buddy was bombarded by texts from her daughter who was involved in the protest at a local high school.  I could write volumes about a school administration that worries about yoga pants (supposedly they have a dress code that ensures, among other things, that their graduates will be “employable”).  What is on my mind, though, is the valuable lesson on civil disobedience that these young women are learning and that the administrators are providing with their preposterous concerns.  I also read that supposedly not all the young women wearing yoga pants were in detention.  I wonder how the administration decided to pick on some girls and not others.

As we look at the world there are lessons to be learned everywhere–some of the most valuable ones do not come in books!! I am wearing yoga pants this morning…and I am inviting everyone who reads this to do the same.  But the more important question is: what rules are in your life that no longer make sense? What habits are you following that need to be thrown out? It is always a good time to evaluate what needs to be changed in our life! And for the young women at Memorial High School, think about what the rules mean and what challenging them entails! Standing up for what we believe is always a good thing, no matter the consequences.

Life is Amazing! Live well.

Anna Grassini


3 comments on “Defying rules by wearing Yoga Pants

  1. I practically live in yoga pants, and not just when practicing yoga. School administrators use issues like this to assert their authority and control, and it’s ridiculous. Good for those young women, but seriously it must be a very slow news day if this is what reporters have to write about. I’m glad you reminded us of the bigger picture – let go of stupid rules and habits and move on!

  2. Surely school administrators should find better things to do with their time! Thanks Andra for sharing your insight. To learn more about education, I suggest people pick you your book Classroom Conversations:A Collection of Classics for Parents and Teachers.

  3. Hummm … yoga pants. Does seem to be quite a silly rule and a big distraction from what is most important – EDUCATION! Shirts that are too low cut or skirts that are too short – I can see that. Personally I learn best when I am comfortable and yoga pants are very comfortable.

    Anna, I second your comments about questioning the rules we live by!

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