When life throws us a curve ball

Surely there are days when you feel life has thrown you a curve ball.  There you were, enjoying the day and merrily going about your regular activities (work mostly, but maybe here and there a little bit of fun) and… bang, out of nowhere, comes the ball so fast and it smacks you so hard you wonder how you could possibly not have seen it coming.   So the question is, when life throws us a ball, is it too late to play it or with it?
Certainly we will  require some new gaming strategy–and we might as well start with licking our bruises.  After all, we “should have, could have, must have” seen it coming.  Right?  I don’t know.  What is the use of thinking this ? Might it not be wiser  as our first play to accept that the ball came our way?  There was the ball, it hit me.  Now what?

I think the next part of the game is to recognize what the ball has done to us, accept it, and then create a strategy for our next steps.   Take a moment to see the possibilities–maybe there was something good about the curve ball? How will we change the way we play next time? Have the rules remained the same or not?  What are our needs now and have they changed?

So, take a deep breadth.  None of us likes to get hit hard, but isn’t it good to know that we can still play with new knowledge and strength.  Life is Amazing! Live Well,


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