Honor Yourself

If you were able to live fearlessly yesterday, what are you willing to try today? Would you be willing to spend today honoring yourself? What would it be like to listen to your own rhythms, to slow down or speed up to the pace that feels just right?  What would it be like for one day to show respect to your needs and to live your life according to your principles, without giving in to fear?  Consider  the expectations that you put upon yourself–are they reasonable? Doable? Realistic? Do you really have to live up to these impossible standards or would it be ok, just for one day, to let go and relax a little bit? Would the world go on even as you slowed down? What would it be like to believe that you can live today dwelling in the moment, savoring what time brings, knowing that you  are not perfect, invulnerable and invincible. 

Today luxuriate in a day that honors your own pace, fast or slow at it may be.  Take a moment to look around yourself and feel deeply what it is like to be in your skin. Enjoy it, and honor your life with its pace.  Take a deep breadth–and surrender to the knowledge that life is amazing–live well!

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