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What do I need?

When is the last time  you actually sat down and took stock of what your needs are? It may be the case that you have long ignored what your needs are, but that does not mean they have gone away.  According to Thomas Leonard, one of the early pioneers of the coaching profession, unmet needs cause a lot of pressures.  Can an unmet need drain you of your energy? Hold you back from creating something amazing in your life. Leonard defines needs as “what you must have to be you.”  If you accept his definition, whe you meet your needs, you become free to be the best you can be.  What an alluring possibility.

So today, spend some time thinking–are needs something that essential to me? What is one my most precious needs? Do I need to feel appreciated? Loved? Wanted? Accomplished? Be correct? Fullfilled? Nurtured? Nurturing? Once you have thought about your need, then ask yourself what how you could accomplish more if you had this particular need met. 

Having trouble finding your needs? Discuss it with a personal coach or brainstorm with a buddy to see if you can come up with a list.  And then get to work to satisfy your need–you will be surprised by what you can accomplish once your need is met!

Life is Amazing! Live Well.



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  1. Thanks for creating this excellent blog, I’m going to take time right now to assess my needs.

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