Where shall I bloom today?

Spring is just around the corner–and I woke up today after a major clean up of our bedroom. It has not looked so spacious and uncluttered since we moved in 11 years ago, if ever.  As I took in this “new space” I wondered–what can we prune in our lives so that we may bloom today? Look at your desk, your laundry room, the car…is there a small corner that you would like to declutter today? What is draining your energy? What can you clear that will enable your energy to soar?

Look around and take 15 minutes to create a small square inch of space that feels good.  And then let me know, how did your experiment work? What did it do for you? Are you blossoming?

 Life is Amazing! Live Well!



2 comments on “Where shall I bloom today?

  1. Awesome blog with fantastic information. This exercise is great to identify those energy drainers. You feel so much lighter from your suggestions and exercise. Very valuable website. THANKS!!

  2. Your blog is a wonderful, quick inspiration to start my day. I really like the idea of “starting fresh”. It truly does clear both your mind and your space.

    One tip I give my professional organizing clients when reorganizing a space is to “start from scratch”. In other words, take each and every thing out of the space to be reorganized. Then only put back what you need or want in that space. The rest of the “stuff” can either be thrown away, given away, sold, or put in a more appropriate place.

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