What if I did not take it personally?

Do you ever take things personally?  Fess up. Someone talks to you and the next thing you know your brain has gone in overdrive.  “I can’t believe she said that to me.  Doesn’t she know I am trying? How dare she not think that I am doing my job? I can’t believe she criticized me.  I can’t believe that she did this to me.”  And so on, until you melt in a pool of tears.

I do remember the first time my next door neighbor put a real estate sign indicating they were selling their home–with another real estate agent, no less!  How could they have done that to me? Did they not know that (at the time) I was in real estate as well? Did they not like me enough to owe me an interview for the job of selling their house? After all, if I was good enough to babysit their child on occasion, surely they could interview me to sell their house.  And so on and so forth–I took it very personally.  It felt like a slap on my face, and a major bruise on my ego! Then on a Sunday shortly thereafter, I walked over the lawn with my arms crossed and meaning business–I was going to check out who was this agent who had taken “My” business and had caused me such anguish. 

And there, in that moment the miracles started to happen.  The agent had taken the business for free (which I would not have done in a million years)! We started talking, I liked her.  I liked her company and, ultimately, I went to work in that very same company.  By crossing over the lawn, I had decided not to take things too personally–to be curious about what was going on.  And the doors started opening!

So what is the lesson in this story?  Sometimes we take things personally and we forget to take a deep breath.  What if you looked at the unfolding of events and started considering another perspective?  Maybe the person talking to us has a relative in the hospital and ten demands on their time, maybe the  the potential prospect has chosen another company or none at all because their circumstances have changed.  Maybe it was simply not our time to get praised while we were doing our job.  Who knows, the possibilities are endless. 

Want to change your perspective more? Working with a coach is the ideal way to look at things in a different way, designing a life that is exactly what you want. 

Life is Amazing! Live Well.




3 comments on “What if I did not take it personally?

  1. People who do not succeed have one distinguishing
    trait in common. They know all the reasons for
    failure, and have what they believe to be air-tight
    alibis to explain away their own lack of achievement.

    Taking things personally is just one of those alibis…

    IF other people understood me . . .
    IF I did not fear what ‘THEY’ would say . . .
    IF other people didn’t ‘have it in for me’ . . .

    IF I hadn’t failed . . .
    – Which should be used as an ingriedient in future successes


  2. By the fact you went over to talk to the other realtor show you were trying to understand the market in your community. Understanding why someone chooses another realtor over another and list a home a certain price is what makes a realtor the best to advise in the buying and selling process. They work with people who need to sell homes and some have reasons why they need to do it quickly.

  3. I would have went over to homeowner and reminded them I was a realtor and if they did not like the current realtor to consider me. Thus the homeowner may have explained why they used the other realtor.

    Sometimes things work out for the best and sounds like it was meant to be.

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