What a wallet can teach us

Running errands is nothing new–something we do a million times a day (or so it seems).  What was different today was meeting a friend at Starbucks and finding that my wallet was missing.  A moment of panic-I had four dollars with me, barely enough for a cup of coffee! And, of course, I had just driven around town without a license.  Panic and anxiety ensued.  Then I took a deep breath.  Where was the wallet? Did it drop out of my purse yesterday at the grocery store? More panic.  Focus, think.

And so the eureka moment came to me.  If I lived my life intentionally and mindfully, how could I not recollect what I had done with my wallet? Another deep breath.  And with the new breath I started to relax enough so I could think about what I had done yesterday.  I stopped my racing mind, which was telling me “See, you can’t even remember!”  And then, without leaving my Starbucks spot, my mind’s eye knew exactly where the wallet was.  Amazing.  I drove (again, without a license!) and returned home to pick up the wallet so I could feel better about having my documents and credit cards.  And with my friend at Starbucks, we talked about what we could learn about mindfulness today from the newly found wallet.

What would it take for you to stop and live mindfully? Take a deep breath and wonder! 
Life is Amazing! Live Well.

Anna Grassini


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