Mindfulness and our wallets

This morning driving to work I was listening to Jean Chatzky on the Oprah and Friends radio  (yes, I am extravagant–I listen to satellite radio and it is not even commercial-free!)  She mentioned that some study had come out linking “sadness” to an “urge to spend” and that some people were more prone to the “spending to get a high” problem than others.  I think we all know that any purchase made under such circumstances is likely to provide a very short-lived high.  Then, if we are prone to such purchases, what can we do to stop ourselves?

What if we became mindful of why we are putting our hand on our wallet? What if we actually asked ourselves, what does that purchase do for me? If your running shoes have holes and you are buying new ones, obviously it’s the right time to acquire them! But if we are buying that extra lipstick, is the Glam Girl Red Color really going to change the way we feel?

I remember that right after September 11th the world seemed to have changed.  For me, the weird manifestation was that I did not feel right going out and shopping for anything.  It was a strange moment in time. Of course, life returned to normal–but I have tried to keep a level of awareness about the things that come into my life.  So,  what can you do today to be mindful about your wallet (other than carrying it with you in your purse? See my blog from yesterday!)?  Let me know.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Life is Amazing.  Live Well.



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