The magic of a house

I am an avid reader.  This week I suggest you do something for yourself that is totally self-indulgent.  Pick up a good book, maybe soak in your tub, and relax in the magic of a story mindful of what it means to be alive.

If you need a book suggestion, I would highly recommend the newly published The Last Beach Bungalow, by Jennie Nash.   This the  story of a woman who is learning to live after surviving breast cancer and has an affair with a bungalow that has survived past its time.  While the protagonist faces her own mortality, she finds a bungalow that seems to speak to her heart.  If you have ever wondered what a house should do for you (and I have sold many during my  previous real estate career), this book may have the answers.  And if you ever wondered what it is to be seek to be alive, read this charming story.  You will emerge refreshed and thankful that you are living.  May your week be off to a good and mindful start!

Life is Amazing! Live Well.

Anna Grassini

P.S. You can find the book by going to my small bookstore!

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