A smiling exercise

What impact can a compliment make? My mom, who recently spent 25 days in the hospital, this morning looked at my blog for the first time! (Thanks mom!)  She then sent me an email saying that I am like an injection, no even better, like an intravenous IV, of good humour and hope! Well, I had not thought of myself as a medicine before–and it is a unique compliment, but it most certainly put a smile on my face. 

So, will you try it on someone today? Nice shoes, lovely bag, what a great smile, like your haircut, you look lovely…it does not have to be difficult or as ingenious as the one my mom crafted!  I’d love to hear how your experiment goes and if it puts a smile on your face.

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2 comments on “A smiling exercise

  1. Mom’s right. So happy Thursday, Anna.
    I’m a male “lunch-lady” at our local high school (my kids hate that).
    Every day I tell my co-workers: “I love you just the way you are!” In a loud voice, so they know that I mean it. At first they look at me in a strange, inquiring way…did he mean that? Was he really talking to me? Did I hear him right? Do I dare smile? Do I dare believe him?
    Some times I need to say it again. “I love you just the way you are. Yes, YOU!” and I point to them. Only then do they smile.
    It’s nice to see the smile and the look of peace on their face.
    After several weeks of this they have begun to say it back to me first. When a different co-worker hears the first part they speak right up “…JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!”
    Another thing they are getting used to is every morning I’ll say “Hello folks, happy (day of the week!)” Again, people are starting to say that to me first. I’ve noticed that they are beginning to say this to each other before I speak up.

    As an aside on this happy Thursday thing. I recently saw a very early TV clip (1950’s?) from the exercise guru-of-the-time, Jack Lalane and was impressed that he said happy Thursday on his show.

  2. To the other Anna! You are absolutely right!! After the 3 of my children (9,10,11) and I have had a bit of a rocky morning, kinda blah like the weather, I decided to set the timer and make it point to say somehting nice every 5 mintues to one of them. In no time, it was contagious and they were helping each other and saying kind words too! After several hours of this, and the timer still going off every 5 minutes, one of them who has a tougher time choosing words carefully when his nerves are rattled, politely said “Mom, I would be more than happy to stop that timer for you for good.” It was stated politely and to the point – ironically, I got my point accross!! Kindness is contagious – give it to someone today!! Thanks ANNA!!

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