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Friends and wealth

Have you thought about your friends as the most meaningful resource in your life? This morning on CNN there was a mention of a British economist who indicated that seeing friends regularly gives us the equivalent of pleasure and happiness that we would get from receiving $170,000 of income a year.  I won’t question the basis of this study (only an economist could come up with such numbers), but to me it is clear that friends increase our riches. 

Take my experience last night with a dynamic couple who cooked me dinner and kept me engaged in conversation on a night when John was out of town.  There is no fancy restaurant that could have made me feel as rich as they did! 

So, today spend some time counting your blessings and reach out to a friend who means something special to you.  Even if you call them for just a few minutes, you will be wealthier and healthier at the end of the day!

Life is Amazing! Live Well.

Anna Grassini


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One comment on “Friends and wealth

  1. Anna, this is a good post. I’ve lost many people lately and truthfully, except for a nice place to live, clothes and food, I really put less and less in piling up wealth. Health means more at this stage of the game.

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