Relaxing memories

Do you remember being a child? If you do not or if you prefer not to remember, what would it be like to imagine being a child as you  progress through your day, just as an experiment? Do not look back.  Just imagine for a moment that you are a child with no baggage.  What would you see that is different, better, more colorful, flavorful, charming or just plain entertaining? I look back to the biggest Xmas tree I have ever seen–and no, it is not the one in Rockerfeller Plaza in New York. It is the one in my grandfather’s house when I was a small child. There is an enchantment to life that we can hold on to or recover or discover as we age and mature enough. Picasso said ‘It takes a long time to become young.’ But it is never too late to be young at heart.
So today, take a moment to look around yourself with the eyes of a child…what strikes you? Maybe just maybe you will see how life is truly amazing!

Life is Amazing! Live Well!

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