The Wisdom of Women

Recently an older woman overheard a younger one at the hairdresser–the younger woman was worried because her hair was thinning.  The older woman approached the younger one and told her she was also having the same problem, but things were improving since she had been taking a certain supplement.  She confessed that when she had started taking the supplement she had her doubts, but her mother in law had assured her that it worked.  Interesting, thought the younger woman.  And she went home to the internet and the usual medical sites.  Surprise surprise, the supplement the older woman had mentioned was exactly the one that might help!  The younger woman went to the drugstore and purchased it hopefully–with the knowledge that both the older woman and the website had been right.

What would happen if you shared your wisdom today with someone younger? How would they react? Why not give it a try?

Life is Amazing! Live well.


Your Transitions Coach


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