Forgetting your age

Have you ever forgotten your age? I am serious in asking the question.  Yesterday, for the first time, I forgot mine.  I was sitting in a group of wonderful professional women and we were laughing about hormones and hair loss and more (which in and of itself, tells you something about our group!)–then one of us said she is turning a certain age next Wednesday.  For a fleeting moment I thought: She is older than I am.  Then I sat and looked back to my year of birth! No, she is not older than I am.  We are practically contemporaries…even though I am the one who is a few months older (and, in fact, by year a whole year older).  I had to laugh at myself.  I literally had forgotten how old I am.  What does it mean? Yes, a moment of non-conscious living…but there was also great lightness to it.  After all, the number did not seem to mean much.  The experiences we were sharing, on the other hand, were rich and powerful.

So, forget about your age if you can, or refuse to act your age if you want to.  Enjoy life, the pleasure of the moment and the knowledge that you are more than the sum of your ears.

Life is Amazing! Live well.


Your Transitions Coach


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