The wisdom of women–part 2

Earlier this week I took a young professional woman to lunch.  She in  graduate school and she must be at least 15 years younger than me.  Oh! Just the day before I had forgotten my age, but as I talked to this young woman the wisdom acquired over the years was like a bath of warm water flowing through me.  I was deeply aware of what I have gained over the years and I felt deeply grateful for it.  I tried to share with the younger woman, admiring the wisdom that I could see already in her.  I told her with words that we might surprise ourselves with our power, if only we give ourselves a chance.  What I know for sure, is that the older I become the more the awareness I have and the more I can harness the power that lies within.  
So today, no matter what age you are, harness your power and share your wisdom with someonelse.  Aging, for a moment, might acquire a sweeter taste than usual. 

Life is Amazing! Live well.



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