Paperclips and life

What on earth would paperclips tell you about life? Maybe, just maybe, that details are important.  I work with a fantastic organizer that helps me keep my papers in order.  She has learned over the course of the years, that I have a dislike for staples.  Why? Because if you have to copy a document, you have to take out the staples, then re-staple.  And, I do have bad stapler karma.  So, I like to use paperclips.  And not just any paperclips.  Mine are colored and feel smooth to the touch (I like that kind of sensory experience!), and come in different sizes and different colors–which lets me pick what I want.  So sometimes I use red clips for important things, yellow for fun, blue for calm.  Imagine my surprise in finding out this morning that  my supply of paperclips is running low.  When I bought the box I thought it would be impossible to get to the bottom of it!  And so I will transition to a new box–and as I do so, I will invite you to think about your own idiosyncrasies and reflect on what small details can make a difference in your life!

Life is Amazing! Live Well.

Anna Grassini

Coaching you through life’s transitions


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