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Managing any choices recently?

My dad used to be said that to every problem there were four solutions. He said three solutions would be easy to find and clear, the fourth one would require some stretching. His was an optimistic way to approach problems and to deal with choices. Oh, yes, choices. Everything in life requries a choice. Some of these come easy (I will have coffee this morning, as I do every morning), some of these do not (should I move or should I stay?).
Should we not feel abundantly blessed when we have them? Of course, says our brain. No way, say our feelings. Ever looked at a number of choices that might all be decent–and yet felt that all you could think about was the burden of the regret you would feel later if you made the wrong choice?
So, I am inviting you right now to let go of the fear that you will regret something tomorrow. Take a deep breadth, and allow yourself to embrace the choices and think how change can be good.
Need help? Find a good coach to guide you through the process and let you verbalize what your feelings and your head are saying!
Life is Amazing! Live Well.



One comment on “Managing any choices recently?

  1. Hi Anna,

    I love your new blog! I took notes! It is very inspirational.

    Thanks for all you do! You are a great friend! Let’s get together soon!

    Love, Paige

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