Learn something new? Now how do you implement it?

I was recently in communication with a great real estate agent in Austin, Jill Crecelius.  She and I have in common a love of books and a thirst for learning.  We also share a passion for serving people with first class service and giving a 100% commitment.  As I was suggesting yet another learning source, she reminded that first she wants to implement some of what she has learned.  Yes, indeed.  How important for those of us who are learners to be aware that we need to pause and translate the learning into real life applications!  A coach can help us navigate the process! 

I remember when I first started a real estate business, I needed a place to brainstorm my ideas and reducing them to practice.  I hired a coach…and she really helped me take off!
So, keep loving learning and books! And find someone to guide you in the process of applying it all in your life.

Life is Amazing! Live Well.

Anna Grassini



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