Take stock of your health

How do you feel? Pretty good? Great! So, now is the time to make sure you  have a check up!  Just as you should take stock of your finances and of your life, you should take stock of your health.  After all, when we are not healthy, it is hard to live joyfully and give the best of ourselves to life.

Getting a fasting blood test  is not my idea of fun–and a regular OBYGym exam is even less exciting (do I even dare mention a yearly mammogram?), I am going to set the good example.  I took my appointment a few months back.  What are you waiting for?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure–so this morning make those appointments you have been postponing! And once you are done, give yourself a pat on the back, and treat yourself to something healthy.  How about a walk? A run? A swim.  You tell me…share your thoughts on ways to take care of yourself! And remember, what you don’t know can hurt you!

Life is Amazing! Live Well.

Anna Grassini


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