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What is holding us back?

Ok, so the drop dead dealine for filing the 2007 taxes is coming up in a month.  I have never before taken such a long time to file–especially since I have had all but a little piece of data since back in May! What has kept me from filing? And I fear I am not alone! What holds us back? Normally I am not a procrastinator–so what happened this time that made me delay filing taxes?

I will not bore you with the list of excuses I could come up with.  Rather, I am willing to use this experience to open the conversation.  What our our energy drainers? What are the things that hold us back from being on top of the wave? Is fear of success one of them? Is fear of failure another?  What a great thing to explore with a coach.

So, rush along and get ready to file your taxes (I am!) and get on with all that you have been procrastinating on.  And then, hire a coach and figure out how to move forward with great courage and optimism.

Life is Amazing! Live Well.

Anna Grassini

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  1. I have an innate dread of owing huge sums of money that I don’t have to the Federal Government. A few years back my wife’s employer “forgot” to make the appropriate tax withholdings, and we found out when we were presented with a nice hefty bill the following April.
    I think that scarred me 😀

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