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What is the value of experience?

Sometimes I wonder what is the value of experience. On a personal level, I think we find our own experiences mean something. What we have lived through in the past may guide in the present and prevent us from taking a similar path to the one we have taken before. After all, the definition of insanity is to do the same thing every time expecting different results. So, if we cannot plead insanity, we use experience to change our response or our course of action when we see a pattern that is familiar.

Still, I wonder–is there any value in sharing our experience? Can it be so powerfully communicated to another person that it will change the way that person walks in her life? I do not know the answer–maybe it will become more obvious as I age a little longer. What do you think? Would love to get the conversation going!

Life is amazing! Live well.
Anna Grassini

One comment on “What is the value of experience?

  1. I guess when passing on experience one must be aware that you might
    not change that person – even if it might be for his or her best -.
    However, passing on experience should open up ways and possibilities
    for others to find out that they have more choices. And by considering
    that – I think – they have already changed.
    I love listening to experiences from other people, but I hate it if I
    get the feeling that they want to push me in any direction – does this
    make sense?

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