Engaging conversations

Recently, I found myself in a wonderful conversation at the dinner table of a family with three young children.  The fourth grader quickly brought up the topic of  politics–yes, the upcoming election is on the mind of children as well.  I suspected that this bright and spirited child was not a supporter of my candidate.  In fact, he was quite surprised when I brought up that I would not be voting for his candidate.  What ensued was a very engaging and civil conversation with the parents  about our differing political views.  What a wonderful experience, especially when compared to the constant barrage of negative ads and defensive views that surround us these days when we bring up the issue of politics.  I felt completely safe exposing my view (albeit one that might be different from those of the parents) and at the end we had the same respect for each as we did when we started.  What I learned is that if we could keep our minds open and out judgment in many of our conversations (not just those difficult ones on politics), we may live richer lives.  I encourage you to try it next time you are entering a conversation on a touchy subject…you may not change anyone’s mind, but you will be touched by what listening with an open mind can do for you.


Life is Amazing! Live Well.

Anna Grassini

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