For all job seekers and connections!

Here is an excellent article for people looking for a job or for those who are receiving calls from people they may not know to well. I love the part about remembering that one day you may be in someonelse’s shoes! Great advice on working within one’s network to learn more about opportunities! And don’t forget–don’t make your next transition along…hire a coach to help you find your vision and encourage you along the way.

2 comments on “For all job seekers and connections!

  1. Hi Anna,
    I like the article – and there is so much truth in it! Since I had never been in the situation of being out there and trying to get a job, this experience is rather interesting, to put it mildly! Being a teacher in Germany is rather safe in comparison with America, where you are just one in a million to compete for that job. What I find very difficult here in the States is the fact that you never get to see the principal (no wonder, really, if there are so many applicants!) and that people never get back to you (again, no wonder, with all these applicants!) – even though you try to follow up. This is something which I find most annoying!
    However, right now I am learning “How to wow myself” (do you know the book?) and trying to constantly think about reasons why I am the right person for the job -. Let’s see how things will continue!

  2. Perseverence is the word…and a bit of creativity! Trust that the possibilities are endless…but they might require a lot more work upfront than it would in Germany!

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