Are you listening to yourself?

Have you ever listened to the voices in your head? The ones that tell you that you must be crazy for feeling stuck in the high paying job, dumb for thinking that you could do something different…those same ones that said you could be better, more perfect, thinner, more beautiful, worthy etc! If we spent even a fraction of our time talking to the people around us the way we talk to ourselves, we would be alone all the time because nobody would want to be near us. How come we are so incredibly tough on ourselves? Do we have a choice?
I believe strongly (and there is a lot of literature out there about this) that the first step is for us to be aware of the chatter in our heads. What is it saying? Is it serving us? After we gain awareness, we can decide how we might like to change those messages to something more positive. I had breakfast with a very wise woman recently who said that every day she repeats to herself that is loved, luminous, wise…and more. What will you chose to say to yourself tomorrow?
Life is Amazing! Live Well.
Anna Grassini

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