Reflecting on a favorite interview question

Recently I asked some folks in my network what their favorite job interview questions were. Barbara Cave Henricks, whose company has recently expanded suggested a great one–What do you like to do or love to do so much that you’d do it whether you got paid for it or not?
I like this question–not just for interviewing purposes but also for reflection! Life is not all about work. Many of us are lucky to do work we love–but no matter what, every job will have some facets that are less pleasant to us or that do not engage our strengths. For some people, work becomes a source of anxiety and does not feed their soul at all. Everyone of us should find something in our lives that is nourishing and comforting and energizing…something that we love doing even if we don’t get paid for it! Being in a job that is not ideal should not preclude us from this quest. Barbara’s question is a great one to ask ourselves as we try to find what that something that nourishes might be. If asking the question is not enough, you may wish to work with a life coach to explore what can be changed or tweaked to live a better life…you owe it to yourself!
Life is Amazing! Live well.
Anna Grassini
Life Coach in Houston

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