Three ingredients for success

What does it take to succeed? I think first and foremost it is important to decide what success looks like…we cannot simply subscribe to other people’s vision of success! Keeping up with the Jones can only be so much fun and can only bring us so much fulfillment. In fact, my personal experience is that keeping up with the Jones has no real reward and whatever success is defined that way is merely an illusion.
What is right for me may be wrong for you–defining success on our terms is essential. Once you have a clear vision of what success will look like for you, I firmly believe that we can achieve by being focused. Focus is an ingredient of success because it allows us to narrow our scope of vision and direct our energies carefully. Secondly, we must be disciplined. We can desire anything but if we do not work diligently to get to what it is we want we will never really get there. I suspect discipline is the reason certain people become excellent and others remain mediocre. Discipline is not necessarily fun–but it always pays off. Finally, success requires that we be present–I think we often forget to be aware of what it is we want and to be in the moment. Presence requires us to be finely attuned to where we are on our journey to success and to be willing to make course corrections as needed. If we are not present, we risk floating away in the river and not ever arriving to the destination. Presence also allows us to be mindful of the journey we are undertaking. I would love to know what other people think about success–will you share your success stories with us? Will you share what your ingredients for success are? Has the journey to success been a lonely one? Has it been joyful? Did you engage a life coach along the way? I’d love to know what your experience is!
Life is Amazing! Live well.
Your Houston life coach
Anna Grassini

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