The end of another Summer–turn off your tv and continue reading!

So another Summer is slowly drawing to the end. It went by fast–reminding me that those interminable days of childhood are no longer! As I get older, each day speeds up faster and each Summer dissolves into a new season so quickly that it is hard to keep the memories distinct and engraved in my brain. But I am not going to mourn the passage of time–I have enjoyed the summer and I am hopeful that today will bring a new moment of serenity or a new challenge that I can confront and conquer.
As I think about this summer that ends, I am reflecting on what marked it for me. The travels to Capri and Turkey stand–but the time that is most precious is the time spent at home. In indulged in reading romance novels…something that I have done before but that somehow I needed more this year! I turned off the tv completely and loaded my kindle ! The thread of these novels is that a romantic relationship and an optimistic ending are at the core of the story. I have never been an English literature critic and never will be–but there is a wide range of reads in this genre that varies widely in quality. I have been fascinated by how the stories are the same and yet manage to keep me engaged in a way that the tv never would. I have been contemplating whether I would ever be able to write such a story…probably not! As the days get shorter and the cold returns (eventually even here in Houston!), I will read more of these “beach books” as they provide an escape from the reality and still challenging my mind. In the meantime, I am going to invite you to turn off the tv and read anything that grabs your attention…as long as we keep our brains engaged, there will be opportunities for growth that are not offered by vegging in front of the tv! Try it!
Life is Amazing! Live well.
Houston life coach
Anna Grassini

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