Be a leader in your own life

Too often we think of leaders as those at the very top–a recent article in the McKinsey Quarterly has reminded me that we are all leaders in our life. What kind of life do we lead makes a difference not just to others but to ourselves. According to the experts at McKinsey, successful leaders:
1. find meaning in their work;
2. convert emotions into opportunity;
3. leverage connections and community;
4. act in the face of risk; and,
5. sustain the energy that is the life force of change.
The same consulting firm’s research revealed that people who had these skills were also most likely to be satisfied with their lives in general. The good news is that all of us can develop these skills to lead better lives. For instance, take the ability to act in face of risk. We cannot reach our goals unless we are willing to go out on a limb and extend ourselves beyond our comfort zone. When we let fear decide our next move, we cannot be leading a life that is full. Grace in our life requires us to take action in front of risk. What kind of risk are you willing to take? What is appropriate? Only you can decide, but it is a question worth exploring!!! Perhaps you can do so with a coach!
Life is Amazing! Live well.
Anna Grassini
Houston life coach
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