After your new year’s resolutions, find time to breathe.

The start of a new year means new resolutions for a lot of us. Personally, I have never waited for January 1st for resolutions–I find that there is no day like the present to take an action and so when I need change I go for it no matter what time of the year. That said, by this point some people will have abandoned, reshaped or implemented some or all of their resolutions. The path to success is as different as we are. I wish each and everyone of you great success!
Still, some people reading these words will find themselves contemplating a small failure…and, in the process, they will be giving themselves a bad time for letting go of resolutions. Remember, the road to success is littered with failures! As Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” So take a deep breadth–just because something did not work is not a good reason to give up!
Now spend a minute really breathing–I mean, inhale and exhale as you read. Do it consciously.
I started the year with bronchitis and found that breadth was often hard and intense. Funny how we take for granted certain things and how we start to appreciate them only when we are in a state that suddenly points out what we are missing. I have many clients who come into my office and the first thing I ask them to do is to take a deep breadth–you know, one of those deep inhales that goes all the way to the belly! It is amazing to see how that simple deep inhale and exhale can change our outlook on life…so keep breathing consciously as you think about the next thing you are willing to attempt on the tortuous road to success…and if you have just recovered from a small failure, pat yourself on the back: you are one step closer to success!
Life is Amazing! Live well.
Anna Grassini
Your life coach

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