When you are happy and you know it!

Yesterday I run into a woman who told me how happy she was and how she was looking at her job with new eyes. At first, she was almost apologetic–she was a little bit self-conscious announcing her happiness! Then she realized I would appreciate her sentiments–what has the world come to if we have to apologize or hide that we are happy?
Recently Marshall Goldsmith wrote a great article on Businessweek about happiness. Goldsmith emphasized the importance of loving what we do and showing it! Happiness is hard work–we don’t just achieve it by sitting passively and doing nothing. We achieve it by looking at ourselves and really knowing who we are and what we want. We achieve it by setting our sights on goals that are clear and we can be passionate about. We become happy when we earn our good reputation and when we accept that we can only change certain things–and we apply ourselves to those with gusto!!! So, work towards happiness…and when you reach it, be proud and take ownership of it!
Life is Amazing! Live well.
Anna Grassini
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3 comments on “When you are happy and you know it!

  1. We become happy when we realize our happiness is possible, and that we deserve it.

    Live Life Happy!

  2. Anna – Thank you so much for this thoughtful discussion. I am very glad that you found value in my article.

  3. It is an honor to receive a comment from you! I have tremendous respect for your work–you are truly an inspiration! Thank you.
    Life Amazing! Live well.

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