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Abandon your fear of failure!

In the journey of life, failure is just a stop along the way. Yet, most of us are so intent on inching forward that when we come to this stop we are jarred to our bones–failure has brought us to a dead end that sometimes has the power to catapult us into deep despair. Fear becomes our companion and our enemy on these inevitable stops.
What would happen if instead of letting fear take over, we looked at these failures as necessary preludes to any achievement?
Imagine for a moment that you are listening to music on your ipod. All of a sudden, the tune no longer suits your mood and you press the pause button. When you are ready, you press the play button again but perhaps you choose a different song.
Now imagine doing the same thing to your life. You have come to a halt because of failure. Take a deep breadth, stop to reflect on what the failure represents and what lessons it hides. Now look at failure with new eyes. It is a stop along the way, but if you look at it carefully it offers you new awareness and insight. Resume your journey towards achievements and goals that are meaningful to you with the new knowledge that failure has provided.
Now press the play button–you are one step closer to your destination! Go boldly and without fear of failure!
Life is Amazing! Live Well.
Anna Grassini

P.S. Often clients come to coaches when they are at one of these crucial stops! A good coach can help you look carefully at where you are and help you gain insight at the direction you want to go. For more information, check my website.

One comment on “Abandon your fear of failure!

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