Thoughts on friendship

Recently friends have been on my mind.

It’s been less than two years since we moved to a new city and left behind a circle of friends that was constructed over 20 years. True, most of these friends keep in touch through occasional visits, facebook, email, a note here and there, phone calls and even skype. Thank goodness for all the ways modern technology allows us to stay connected! Yet, there is something that can be shared only over a cup of your favorite beverage…

Over the last 20 or so months I have dedicated myself to creating new friendships with a vengeance. It has been, without a doubt, the most intense, deliberate, energy-consuming project I have undertaken since my move. Why?

We all know intuitively that friendships are important–real friends enrich us in a way that material possessions, careers and even family cannot. “My friends are my estate” said Emily Dickinson. Friends are the family we choose….but why do friends really matter and why do we need them close?

In this day of technology we have lost touch with the importance of community–we have lost sight that coming face to face with each other, spending time to validate who we are and share what we believe in matters. Sometimes we need to vent face to face, lighten up on a shopping expedition, sit next to each other to pour our heart out while basking in the presence of another human being who understands us. There is nothing that is more meaningful and nourishing to our soul that sharing a moment with a friend in the physical presence of each other…

So in these technological times let’s rediscover the power of human relationships–of human connections that heal us and make us better and stronger and more human.

Last night I sat in an old room at a fancy downtown club that was once a domain restricted to men–four of us, women of different backgrounds, religions, ages and cultures sat sharing a meal. We shared laughter and thoughts, traded stories, gave advice and ignored some too …and when the evening was over, we came away more aware of our powers, talents, and essence validated by the gift of the presence of the others. I know I stood taller…we had found time to create magic in our lives. If this is not good reason to dedicate ourselves to building relationships I don’t know what is!

So make an effort–go out today and reach out to a stranger. If you are willing to open yourself up, to listen and to share without judgment, maybe one day that person too will be your friend…it’s so worth the effort and it will bring magic to your life!

Life is Amazing! Live well.
Anna Grassini

4 comments on “Thoughts on friendship

  1. What a lovely post! A great way to start this foggy day….

  2. Great reminder that friendships take time and effort. The benefits are many for sure!

  3. Thanks for that one, Anna! We have to stay focused on what REALLY counts!

  4. Great advice Anna, I will take it all to heart in my new home too.

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