Going off to college…let there be laughter and tears!

The memories of going off to College are still vivid. This week many parents will be dropping of their children to college–a rite of passage that is likely to generate a bit of anxiety especially for those who are taking long trips away from home. I remember so well flying to Boston from Rome that very first time. My parents dropped me off at the airport–and I arrived at destination with the most severe stomach ache of my life. I had insisted on not crying at the airport–after all, going off to college was something I wanted badly and tears seemed like an inauspicious way to start. I lacked wisdom at 17. Tears would have been a good release–there is scientific evidence that we wash away stress hormones when we cry. And there is stress when there is change.
Still, for all those parents who will be leaving their children at college this month, I hope they will remember that they have given their children wings…and those same wings will now get stronger and allow the young adults to fly. There will be stress, and there will be challenges. May the parents find the wisdom to let their offspring soar and make some healthy mistakes. As for the young people, may they remember that learning is all about failure and mistakes.
May we all own our mistakes, learn from them and walk proudly knowing that because we tried we will be stronger. It is good to remind ourselves that it is gutsy to take on new challenges and find your own solutions…the college years are a wonderful time to do just that–but it is only the beginning of our path in life. It is a good time to learn to persevere and learn from mistakes. The path to success will require no less. Remember to stay safe and do know that there are no silly questions.
And if you are in need to let the tears flow, don’t be shy…they will be healthy tears.
Life is Amazing! Live well.
Anna Grassini
P.S. Having trouble with a transition? Don’t be afraid to share!!!

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